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You will need a phone number which you can assign on a SIP line so that you can activate the voicemail function.

peoplefone standard account

Default announcement

You can activate our free voicemail function directly in your peoplefone account under  «Login» «Functions» «Voicemail» as long as you have a phone number. You will receive the messages per e-mail as wav. file.

Personal announcement

You can use a VoIP device with an integrated answering machine. Go in the setting of the device, to record the message and activate it. Nothing has to be done in the peoplefone account.

With a VoIP device without an integrated answering machine, you will need to activate the function in your peoplefone account under «Login» «Functions» «Voicemail». After that you will need to press the * 1 key on your VoIP device, follow the instructions and record the message.


If the assigned phone number doesn't match the displayed phone number, please follow the following points:

- Remove the assigned phone number from the line

- Record the message with the * 1 key

- Add the assigned phone number on the line

peoplefone HOSTED account

For a virtual solution go on peoplefone HOSTED answering machine.