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The telephony with peoplefone is absolutely comparable to the classical fixline connection.

Should you encounter problems after the configuration, like irregular incoming calls, regular interruption within a call etc, please check the parameters on your VoIP device, router or firewall. In general you need to: 

  • Firewall and/or router: "SIP Alg" deactivate
  • Device: "NAT Keep alive" activate
  • Gigaset IP: STUN server activate with ""

If the quality is bad, please check first if your internet connection is stable. Go on your computer on the bottom left to: START RUN cmd ping -t or ping -t

The time values should be below 30 ms (one can be higher).

For MAC: «Applications» «Utilities» «Terminal» and enter ping or ping

Faq ping1.png

Faq ping2.png