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Generelle Informationen

The Bria 4 softphone from Counterpath can be ordered directly from the developer. In order to be able to use the entire range of functions, a license is necessary. The application can be used with the operating systems Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and Mac OS. We recommend Bria4 for the products «peoplefone HOSTED» and «peoplefone standard account and SIP trunk» as well as for business and private customers.

Bild Win-Mac.JPG

Bria 4 is a SIP-enabled VoIP softphone client that allows you to make your communication easy from your Mac or Windows laptop. Bria 4 can replace or complement your desktop phone so you can make voice and video calls over IP. Based on SIP and open standards, Bria has demonstrated interoperability with many standard platforms and devices in the industry. It also includes features designed specifically for business and enterprise users that can be deployed in a corporate environment, either through manual configuration via the Graphic User Interface (GUI) of the softphone or through the CounterPath Stretto Platform ™ deployment module.

Installation Bria4


Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Language

  • After downloading the application, start the installation file
  • Select the desired language for the installation

1 bria4 SelectLanguage.JPG


Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Welcome

  • Click on «Next»

2 bria4 welcome.JPG

 License Agreement

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → License Agreement

  • Accept the license terms and click on «Next»

3 bria4 license.JPG

 Installation Folder

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Installation Folder

  • Select the desired installation folder and click on «Next»

4 bria4 folder.JPG

 Installation Start

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Installation

  • To start the installation, click «Install»

5 bria4 installing.JPG

 Files in Use

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Files in Use

  • If programs are still open, they must be closed for the installation
  • Select the desired action and click «OK»

6 bria4 FilesInUserJPG.JPG

 Installations Finish

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Finish

  • Click on «Finish»

7 bria4 complete.JPG

 Windows Firewall

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Windows Firewall

  • The first time you start Bria4, you must allow access to the Windows Firewall, click «Allow access»

8 bria4 firewall.JPG

 Sign In

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Sign In

  • Click on «Sign In»

9 bria4 SignIn.JPG

 Licence Key Management

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → Licence Key Management

  • Insert your received license key and click «Done»

10 bria4 LicenseKeyManagement.JPG

 Finish the Licencing

Bria4 Softphone → Installation → License Key Management

  • Click to add the license «Done»

11 bria4 LicenseKeyManagement.JPG

peoplefone Connection

 Account Settings

Bria4 Softphone → Softphone → Account Settings

  • Click on «Softphone» and then on «Account Settings» to call up the connection settings

12 bria4 AccountSettings.JPG

 Create an account

Bria4 Softphone → Softphone → Account Settings → Account

  • Enter the SIP account a name
  • Enter the SIP information from your customer account in the user details
  • Click on «OK»

13 bria4 SIP Account.JPG

 Transport Protocol

Bria4 Softphone → Softphone → Account Settings → Transport

  • For peoplefone HOSTED, select the protocol «TCP»
  • For a default account, choose «UDP»

14 bria4 SIP Account Transport.JPG


Bria4 Softphone → Softphone → Account Settings → Advanced

  • Set the reregister time to a value of 180-300 seconds

15 bria4 SIP Account Advanced.JPG