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Generel Information

Grandstream Wave is a robust softphone application to make and receive calls from professional or private fixed-line SIP numbers on Android and iOS mobile phones. The application supports up to six SIP identities, enables the initiation of telephone conferences with up to six participants, and provides 24 virtual BLF keys as well as speed dialing functions. Grandstream Wave also provides extensive SIP features, including: Call logging, LDAP directory integration, and SCA (shared-call-appearance). With Grandstream Wave, anyone with business or private phone calls always has access to their SIP accounts and can simply keep in touch with their contacts without having to use expensive mobile communications

peoplefone Connection

App Store

App Store → Grandstream Wave App → Download

  • Look for and download the Grandstream Wave App from the Apple or Google Store


Grandstream App StartUp

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Start

  • After downloading, start the Grandstream Wave App


Allow access to your Contacts

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Contacts

  • Share the Grandstream Wave App contacts, click  «OK»

GrandstreamWave03.PNG >

Allow notification Release

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Messages

  • To unlock the Grandstream Wave App, click Free «Allow»


Account Settings

Mobile → Grandstream App → Account Settings

  • To create a new account, click «Account Settings»


Create Account

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Account Settings

  • Click on « + »


New Account

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Add New Account

  • Click on «SIP Account»


SIP Information

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Add New Account


Enter SIP Informations

Mobile → Grandstream Wave App → Edit Account

  • After entering your data, this might look like this


Advanced Settings

Mobile → Grandstream App → Advanced Settings

  • If you want to make calls via GSM, you must switch off «WiFi Only»



Mobile → Grandstream App → End-Installation

  • After installation and configuration, you can make calls over peoplefone