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General Information

Ninja Pro (CTI) is an "all-rounder" with indispensable interfaces for daily use in offices. Ninja Pro (CTI) fits perfectly into the Microsoft Outlook interface and offers you the best possible operating convenience. From Outlook, you can accept calls, reject calls, initiate conferences, toggle, and more. The outstanding "Reverse Lookup" function provides the caller's contact information in a flash-fast manner.

NinjaPro Installation


Global IP Website → Application → Download

  • Download the application on the manufacturer's website « Download»
  • After downloading, start the installation program


Installation → NinjaPro → Welcome

  • Click on «Next»

0 NinjaPro welcome.JPG


Installation → Ninja Pro → Agreement

  • Accept the agreement and click «Next»

1 NinjaPro agreement.JPG

Users / CTI Drivers / Outlook Plugins

Installation → Ninja Pro → User/ CTI Drivers / Outlook Plugins

  • Select the users for which you want to install the software
  • Select the TAPI Driver for CTI Support
  • Select the Outlook plug-in for installation, and then click «Next»

2 NinjaPro Users CT I.JPG


Installation → Ninja Pro → Installation-Path

  • If it is necessary, adjust the installation path, then click «Next»

3 NinjaPro Path.JPG

Installation Ready to install

Installation → Ninja Pro → Ready to Install

  • To start the installation, click «Next»

4 NinjaPro SetupInst.JPG

Final Installation

Installation → Ninja Pro → Final

  • To finish the installation and start Ninja Pro, click «Finish»

5 NinjaPro SetupFinish.JPG

License / Audio and Video Settings

Internet Connection

First Start→ Ninja Pro → Internet Connection

  • The Internet connection will check

5 NinjaPro Users Connecting.JPG


First Start→ Ninja Pro → License

  • If a license is available, it can be imported
  • If you do not already have a license, you can test the product seven days free of charge

6 NinjaPro TestVersion.JPG


First Start→ Ninja Pro → Product

  • If you want to test Ninja Pro, then click «Start Trial now»
  • If you want to test Ninja Lite, then click «Start in LITE mode»

7 NinjaPro TrialMode.JPG

Video Settings

First Start→ Ninja Pro → Video Settings

  • Select your cam and confirm with «Next»

8 NinjaPro VideoSettings.JPG

Audio Microphone Settings

First Start→ Ninja Pro → Audio Microphone Settings

  • Select your microphone and click «Finish»

9 NinjaPro MicroSettings.JPG

Audio Speaker and Ring-tone Settings

First Start→ Ninja Pro → Audio Speaker and Ring-tone Settings

  • Check the settings for your speakers and ringtones, then click «Next»

10 NinjaPro AudioSettings.JPG

peoplefone Connection

Proxy Configuration

Start→ Ninja Pro → Settings → Proxy Configuration

  • In your peoplefone account you will find your necessary information «SIP Information»
  • Enter the SIP information you have read into the corresponding proxy

11 NinjaPro ProxySettings.JPG