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What internet bandwidth do I need?

You need minimum 100 kpbs in upload with DSL or cable. Please note that the quality/stability (especially with cable operators) can vary very often during the day/night. This can influence the telephony quality.

Can I surf and phone with internet at the same time?

Yes, you can do both simultaneously. The telephony quality can be disturbed if you download large files.

Why is the sound quality bad (echo, interrumpted voice)?

If you can make calls but the sound quality is not good for you and/or the other party (e.g. distortion, echo, delays,...), it is mainly due to the quality of your bandwith or internet connection. As the peoplefone technology is based on Voice over IP (VoIP), we are using the internet as transport media and, therefore, we are strongly depending on his quality.

The main reason which can affect the sound quality is the speed and/or the routing of your internet connection in upload. To check the internet connection, you can do the following tests:

  1. Go to or and you will get an approximative idea of the effective Kbit/Second on upload.
  2. To test your "routing" more precisely go on your computer to START
    ping -t The time values should be below 30ms (one can be higher).

Faq ping1.png

Faq ping2.png

For MAC: «Applications» «Utilities» «Terminal» and enter ping

Does peoplefone also offer internet?

Peoplefone is a VoIP provider which focusses on internet telephony. To access the internet you can use your current internet provider. We can give you our recommendations with pleasure. SMEs can contact us for this on