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Suddenly I cannot make outgoing calls

Occupied sound:
  • Please check if you have enough credit on your peoplefone account («Login» «Payments» «Buy Credit»). If you are under CHF 1.-, please recharge.
  • Please check your internet connection. Do a "restart" of all devices (modem, router, VoIP-device off and on one after the other).
  • Did you make any changes (new internet provider, new contract, new modem, new router, new firmware)? Please check if a new firewall blocks VoIP.
No sound:

Please check if your telephone device and/or cable is broken. Test if possible with another telephone.

No credit:

You will receive an announcement text that you don't have enough credit to establish this connection. You can buy credit any time in your peoplefone account under «Login» «Payments» «Buy Credit» by credit card, Paypal, Postfinance E-Card or E-Banking. The payments with credit card. Paypal or Postfinance E-Card are automatic at take a few minutes. Follow the steps in the peoplefone account.

You can also save your credit cart data under «Automatic Payments» and your credit card will be charged automatically how you like it.

You have to make e-banking transactions manually over your bank/post and you will get, after our bank confirms the payment entry, the transaction to your account. But this can take 3 to 4 days!

Bei E-Banking Überweisungen müssen Sie über Ihre Bank/Post selbst manuell tätigen und Sie erhalten, nachdem unsere Bank den Zahlungseingang bestätigt, die Überweisung auf Ihr Konto. Dies kann 3-4 Arbeitstage dauern!

I can make outgoing calls, but don't receive incoming calls

Please firstly check, if the phone number in the peoplefone account it assigned on the correct SIP line (Login - Configuration - Assign Telephone Numbers). After that verify that this lines configuration data corresponds with the entry in the VoIP device (especially the SIP password and eventually to many spaces).

Please also pay attention to the fact, that the Registrar/Proxy at peoplefone HOSTED (pbx.peoplefone.ch) is different from the peoplefone standard account (sip.peoplefone.ch).

I cannot dial a specific telephone number

Please check if this phone number can be reached with another provider (e.g. Swisscom) in the same moment.

If yes, please check if this is a special service, business, premium or VoIP-number, that could be blocked through us.