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What do I need for internet telephony/VoIP with peoplefone?
  1. Internet connection (DSL or cable) with min. 100 kbps in Upload und Download
  2. Registration of a peoplefone account for free
  3. VoIP-hardware or VoIP-software on computer or mobile
What internet bandwith do I need?

You need minimum 100 kpbs in upload with DSL or cable. Please note that the quality/stability (especially with cable operators) can vary very often during the day/night. This can influence the telephony quality.

What obligations do I have by using peoplefone?

You have no obligations with peoplefone.

  • The registration is for free
  • You have no installation costs
  • You have no minimal contract period
  • You charge prepaid credit on your account. The credit stays on your account and can be used for phoning any time. Note: once payed credit cannot be reimbursed.
  • As soon as your credit has been used, you can recharge credit or just leave your account empty.

Please note: When you order a phone number you pay 12 months in advance. If you don't want the number anymore before the expiry, we cannot reimburse the advanced payed difference.

How can I register at peoplefone?
  • Go to the peoplefone website - Register


  • Insert your personal data. If you want to register as a company, click on "Company Account" and enter your company information.

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