Successful faxing via VoIP

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Successful faxing via VoIP

peoplefone Cisco SPA122 Box

To operate traditional fax machines, we recommend using the peoplefone Cisco Box SPA122. This box can be installed in few steps by the customer or by the partner. Even with telephone systems we recommend the peoplefone Cisco SPA122 Box to use since many telephone systems the protocol T38 not correctly support. Create a new line, share the fax number of this line, and then provision the box.

Erfolgreiches Faxen über VoIP1.PNG

The peoplefone Cisco SPA122 can be ordered through the peoplefone shop or through a different distributor, such as Alltron. If you did not buy the box at peoplefone, you also have to enter the following URL in the "Profile Rule" field via the web interface of the box:$PSN_$MA_$SN.cfg


Wiki: Installation Instruction

Configuration of the end devices

Why reduce the baud rate?

Jitter (disturbance signal, clock ticking) and bad latencies can lead to corrupt fax transmission. When the fax machine detects a poor transmission, the entire fax is interrupted. By reducing the baud rate to 9600 bps, it is more likely that all packets can be successfully transmitted through the network.

Why should ECM (Error Correction Mode) be switched off?

In the analogue world, the Error Correction Mode is certainly a help to stabilize and improve the transmission. When sending faxes via VoIP, this error correction can lead to problems and transmission abortions.

Erfolgreiches Faxen über VoIP2.PNG
We recommend that this error correction be switched off if faults occur.

Configuration Examples for «HP, Brother and Canon»

Under VoIP Mechanic you will find good tips on configuring fax devices. If you are still experiencing problems with the device you are using, the manufacturer can provide additional support for the correct settings for successful faxing.