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Would you like to make a phone call with several friends? Very easy! You decide how long you want the function to be activated and pay the function fee directly on your peoplefone account «Functions» «Telephone conference».

You will then get a phone number to dial, the conference number and the conference PIN number. You inform your participants. All participants dial a fixnet phone number and pay to their providers the local rate to a fixnet number. There are no additional costs for them.

All peoplefone members do not pay anything as the dialing number is a peoplefone number and they phone from peoplefone to peoplefone.

Dial-In Numbers for conference (billed at local fixed network rates)

ATTENTION: The two codes (PINs) to be entered cannot be the same.


Telephone conference short instruction

Prepare a telephone conference
  1. Note the conference number and the conference bill.
  2. As chairperson you can decide which participant gets which rights for the participation
  3. Announce the access number, conference number and -PIN to all the participants.
  4. Each participant can no join the telephone conference with access number.

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