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peoplefone 3CX HOSTED: Enhance your mobility!

Mit der peoplefone 3CX HOSTED steigen Sie auf ein flexibles und kostengünstiges IP-Telefoniesystem um, welches mit einem beeindruckenden Leistungsumfang überzeugt.  Anbei die folgenden Hauptvorteile von peoplefone 3CX HOSTED:

  1. Niedrige Anschaffungs- und Erweiterungskosten
  2. Hoher Funktionsumfang dank Office-Integration
  3. Einfache webbasierende Administration
  4. Höhere Ausfallsicherheit durch einfache PBX-Backups
  5. Leichte Integration mit Unternehmensanwendungen
  6. Sehr kompetitive Telefonietarife, gratis unter Mitglieder

Instructions peoplefone 3CX HOSTED

This article explains how to configure a 3CX PBX with your peoplefone account.

peoplefone account

  1. Go to the peoplefone website
  2. Go to "Register" to have a new peoplefone account for free.
  3. Add a first credit for phoning on "Payment" - "Buy Credits"
  4. Go to "Configuration" - "SIP Lines" and get your SIP Username and your SIP Password
Login to peoplefone.ch
Get your SIP account information

Trunk mode, and CLIP

If you're configuring a PBX and you wish to have multiple phone numbers assigned to it. This section is important.

You can assign several numbers to a single SIP line. (You first need to buy new numbers or port existing ones).

In your peoplefone account go to "Configuration" - "Assign Telephone Numbers". And configure the line/number associations to match your configuration.

If you wish to assign several numbers to your PBX, you need to write us a ticket at support@peoplefone.com, asking us to convert your SIP line to a Trunk. The only difference between an ordinary SIP line and a trunk line, is that when a SIP trunk line receives an incoming call, the dialed number is sent to your PBX, so it can decide with extension(s) should ring. This way you can assign direct numbers to some extensions.

The CLIP, is the displayed number on outgoing calls, by default the CLIP is closed, witch means that there is a fixed displayed number for your line, if you wish to display a different number depending on the extension, or group, etc . You need to write us a ticket at support@peoplefone.com, asking us to open the CLIP on your line.

Basic configuration of the 3CX

Setting up an account on the 3CX

  1. Click on the Add provider button.
  2. Select peoplefone from the list of providers.
  3. Click on Next.


The basic settings are defined by the profile. Click on Next


Enter the external phone number in e164 format, with the country code and area code. i.e : 41215521111

Enter the SIP username and password of the your trunk line

Specify the amount of simultaneous calls, the number of simultaneous calls is unlimited with a peoplefone line as long as your internet bandwidth can handle it.

Note : You may need to purchase additional licenses for your PBX. Click Next


The next screenshot defines where the inbound call is to be routed, pick one of the destinations and click on Next.


Define an outbound route. The possibilities for an outbound route are listed in the screenshot below. Click on "Finish"


In the Registration settings, uncheck the STUN Server option, and check the Fixed IP option and specify the your fixed IP address. Note : for proper operation 3CX requires a fixed IP address, DynDNS is not supported.


Configuring DID/MSN number(s)

You can configure MSN/DID numbers with a peoplefone trunk, or an entire DID (number block).

When defining a DID, you can use the wildcard * as a placeholder

you can place it in the beginning of the number. And reference them, by 3 or 2 digits (representing an extension)

When defining an MSN, you need to specify the full number in e164 format, ie 4121552xxxx


To add the DID range, see the example below (with *30-*39) This will add the DID range

Screenshot3CXAddDIDRange.png Screenshot3CXDIDAdded.png

In the Trunk tree view, you can now see the individual DID numbers,


Define inbound routes

you're now ready to start defining inbound routes.

By clicking on the number, you can define where the incoming call should be routed.

In the two screenshots below, specify the DID/MSN number in the first text field, In the second field select the extension.

Screenshot3CXInboudRoute1.png Screenshot3CXInboundRoute2.png

Advanced CLIP configuration

Contact the peoplefone support team (support@peoplefone.com), and ask us to open the CLIP for your line.

This section solves the problem, that happens when forwarding a call to an external device (Mobile, external terminal) the the number of the PBX is displayed instead of the number of the caller. this function must be adjusted in the 3CX.

These settings are set once per trunk and apply to all DID / MSN numbers.

  • Go to the peoplefone trunk on "parameter for outgoing connections"
  • Go to the SIP field content - SIP Remote Party ID field - Calling Party: User Part.
  • Change the value in the variable to "OriginatorCallerID" this will send the original caller

number will be sent. Note : Press the "Add / Update" otherwise the value is not accepted.

  • Now click on "Apply" and the settings will be active.


peoplefone 3CX HOSTED auf einem Blick!

peoplefone 3CX HOSTED ersetzt Ihre Telefonanlage und ist einfach online zu bedienen. Hier einige Ansichten: