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I want to change my address

Go to your peoplefone account «Login» «Profile» «Personal Data». You can change anytime the address, the login e-mail or the password and save the changes.

You can find the form for a exchange of owner here: Change of ownership

We will do the changes in the system for you

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I want to change the login e-mail/password

Login into your account with the login e-mail and own password and go to «Login» «Profile» «Personal Data». You can change anytime the login e-mail, own password or other personal data and save the changes.
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Can I transfer my account to somebody else?

Yes, you can contact us in writing by completing the form for a change of ownership If you want to transfer your phone number or your account credit. These are deleted from your account and are transferred to the required account.

Can I add multiple contacts in the peoplefone account?

Yes, you have the possibility of adding multiple people with different restrictions/informations in the account. For this go on  «Login» «Other Settings» and click on "Add Contact".