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General Information

Zoiper is an IAX and SIP based softphone for operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Mac OSX and Linux. It supports audio and video calls, instant messaging, presence, and many more.



Start→ Zoiper → Installation

  • Start the downloaded Zoiper installation file and click «Next»

1 Zoiper Welcome.JPG


Start→ Zoiper → Agreement

  • Accept the terms and click «Next»

2 Zoiper LicenseAgreement.JPG


Start→ Zoiper → Components

  • Select the desired components and click «Next»

3 Zoiper SelectComponents.JPG

Installation Directory

Start→ Zoiper → Installation Directory

  • Define the desired installation directory and click «Next»

4 Zoiper Select InstallationsDirectory.JPG

Start Folder

Start→ Zoiper → Start Folder

  • Define the name for the Menu Folder and click «Next»

5 Zoiper SelectStartMenuFolder.JPG

Installation Scope

Start→ Zoiper → Installation Scope

  • Define for which user instance (Scope) the installation should be made, and then click «Next»

6 Zoiper SelectInstallationScope.JPG

Start Installation

Start→ Zoiper → Start Installation

  • Click on «Next»

7 Zoiper ReadyToInstall.JPG

Zoiper Installation

Start→ Zoiper → Zoiper Installation

  • Wait until the installation is complete

8 Zoiper ZoiperSetup.JPG

Installation Finish

Start→ Zoiper → Installation Finish

  • When the installation is complete, click on «Finish»

9 Zoiper CompletinTheZoiperSetup.JPG

peoplefone Connection

peoplefone Configuration

Zoiper → Settings→ Settings

  • After installation, the first time Zoiper is started, select settings twice

1 Zoiper Einstellungen.JPG

Create SIP Account

Zoiper → Settings→ Create Account

  • Click on «Create Account»

2 Zoiper KontoEinrichten1.JPG

Account Type

Zoiper → Create Account → Account Assistent → Account Type

  • Choose «SIP» and click on «Next»

3 Zoiper KontoAssistent SIP.JPG

SIP Information

Zoiper → Create Account → SIP Information

4 Zoiper KontoAssistent Anmeldeinformationen.JPG

Account Name

Zoiper → Create Account → Account Name

  • Type an account name, and then click «Next»

5 Zoiper KontoAssistent Kontonamen.JPG

Account Assistant

Zoiper → Account Settings → Account has been added

  • Click on «Close»

6 Zoiper KontoAssistent hinzugefügt.JPG

Check Account Data

Zoiper → Account Settings → Account General

  • Verify the data you entered, and then click «OK»

7 Zoiper Einstellungen Fertig.JPG

Transport Protocol

Zoiper → Account Settings → Advanced

  • Select a value between «180-300» seconds
  • For peoplefone HOSTED choose «UDP»
  • For default account or the SIP Trunk «TCP»

8 Zoiper Einstellungen Transport.JPG