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To receive fax without device you can use the free function Fax2Email. You activate it directly in your peoplefone account. You just need a separate SIP line and a separate phone number for fax. You then convert this line to a Fax2Email. See more under «Login» «Functions» « Virtual Fax».

You have no costs to receive fax.

EN Virtual fax1.png


To send fax without device you can use the free function Email2Fax. You activate it directly in your peoplefone account. You will find the user manual below or also on your peoplefone account.

The fax-sending will be charged like a normal fax per connection per minute to the destination number directly on your peoplefone account.

    EN virtual fax2.png

Send an e-mail

  • Open a new email and make sure that the sender corresponds with the given e-mail address

    Email to fax de.jpg
    Email to fax de send.jpg
  • Fill out the following fields

    To/An: Write the fax number followed by:
  • "@p-fax.com" for Switzerland,
  • "@p-fax.de" for peoplefone Germany
  • and "@p-fax.at" for peoplefone Austria;
    You can have multiple receivers

    Cc/Bcc: These fields aren't considered

    Subject/Betreff: Write here your own password

    Text and attachment: You can now write an e-mail text and attach the pdf-files you want to fax. You can send multiple faxes. The limit is 20 megabytes per file and there is a maximum of 30 megabytes per e-mail.

    Send: You will receive a confirmation e-mail of the fax shipment with the recipient number, day and time and a PDF of the sent file as an attachment after more or less 10 minutes. (Note: The time it takes depends on the transmission time),

The most common mistakes

«No confirmation e-mail»

Make sure that the e-mail and the password are the same as in your peoplefone account («Profile» «Personal Data»).

Also make sure that the fax number has been written correctly in the e-mail (with the "@p-fax.com). For example 0445521234@p-fax.com. Also pay attention to unwanted spaces.


A fax can fail for multiple reasons:

  • The entered fax number is maybe not a fax number.
  • The fax number may be blocked or not reachable.
  • You don't have enough credit on your peoplefone account.
  • The e-mail or the PDF-files are to big.

Analogue fax machine

You will need to connect a VoIP adapter to use a conventional fax machine with peoplefone VoIP. We recommend the preconfigured peoplefone Box (Cisco Spa 122).

T-38 protocol

If you have a SIP line on your peoplefone account you use only for fax and the T38 protocol needs to be supported, please contact us at support@peoplefone.com, so that we can configure that line with the routing, wich is sure to support the T38 protocol.