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Peoplefone Account

Important note : If you have a HOSTED account, you will have to configure your device by hand, please follow this guide instead : Gigaset N510

Gigaset Configuration

  1. Connect the basis to the internet and use the handheld to access the menu
  2. GigasetHandsetMenu.png

  3. Settings: OK
  4. Telephony: OK
  5. Start configuration assistant? Yes - OK
  6. GigasetConfigurationAssistant.png

  7. Choose IP-Account: IP1 - OK
  8. GigasetChooseIPAccount.png

  9. Auto configuration code: NO
  10. Select country: Switzerland - OK
  11. GigasetChooseCountry.png

  12. Select provider: Peoplefone - OK
  13. GigasetChooseProvider.png

  14. User ID: peoplefone SIP Username (11 numbers)
  15. GigasetUserId.png

  16. Password: peoplefone SIP Password (characters and numbers)
  17. GigasetPassword.png

  18. Username: peoplefone SIP Username (11 numbers)
  19. GigasetUsername.png

  20. Once you have made all the necessary entries, the IP wizard will try to register the phone with the VoIP Provider
  21. GigasetRegistrationWithProvider.png

    After a successful registration, the message " Your IP account is registered with your provider. " appears in the display

  22. Afterwards the connection assistant appears automatically click on Yes and OK
  23. GigasetAssignConnection.png

    IMPORTANT: Check afterwards that outgoing calls are on IP1 and not a fixline to check this do the following: «Setting» -> «Telephony» -> «Send-Connections» -> «Connection for outgoing calls» <IP1> Save

The most common mistakes

Internet Connection

If it was not possible for you to choose either your country nor your provider you might have problems with your internet or firewall / router. To check if there is a internet connection, you must press the blue button on the basis after doing that you should see IP adress should be shown (example: on the handset


If the Gigaset cannot connect to our servers through your internet provider. There may be firewalls on your computer, ports blocked for VoIP in your router or from your internet provid-er.Please open the firewalls and ports and try again.

«No Registration»

Please check that you have entered the correct SIP Username and SIP Password, you can get them from your peoplefone account. If you are still not able to establish a connection double check your SIP password

Bad quality of voice (echo or interrupted voice)

If the voice may be interrupted or you hear yourself on echo, the WiFi hotspot has not a good bandwith or the upload of your 3G-bandwith is not stable. For a better quality with the 3G- network it may help to purchase the Add-On Codec G729a directly from your application ("Settings" - "Add-ons"). You can check the bandwidth of your internet connection at "Support" - "FAQ - Troubleshooting"