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With WiFi

From wherever you are, you can use the peoplefone application on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. You just need to download the free application from the App Store, fill in the SIP Data from your peoplefone account and make very low cost calls all over the world. You can avoid roaming costs and the phone costs will be deducted directly from your peoplefone account.

With 3G/4G

You can also use the Add-On Codec G729a for the peoplefone application. Be careful on the internet consumption costs of your mobile operator when using 3G/4G!

Get the peoplefone application

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for "peoplefone"
  3. Download the application for free
Get the peoplefone application from the App Store

Peoplefone account

  1. Go to
  2. Go to "Register" to have a new peoplefone account for free.
  3. Add a first credit for phoning on "Payment" - "Buy Credits"
  4. Go to "Configuration" - "SIP Lines" and get your SIP Username and your SIP Password
Login to
Get your SIP account information

iPhone configuration

  1. Open the peoplefone application on your iPhone
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. "Edit Account"
  4. Fill in the SIP Username and the SIP Password from your peoplefone account ("Profile" - "Configuration Data").
  5. "Save"
  6. You can start making low cost phone calls worldwide with WiFi or 3G/4G

The most common mistakes

«Peoplefone wrong SIP»

Please check the SIP Username and SIP Password from your peoplefone account.


The WiFi hotspot is protected with a password or blocked for VoIP, so the application cannot connect to our servers. Please try in another place or open the firewalls on the WiFi router.

Bad quality of voice (echo or interrupted voice)

If the voice may be interrupted or you hear yourself on echo, the WiFi hotspot has not a good bandwith or the upload of your 3G-bandwith is not stable. For a better quality with the 3G- network it may help to purchase the Add-On Codec G729a directly from your application ("Settings" - "Add-ons"). You can check the bandwidth of your internet connection at "Support" - "FAQ - Troubleshooting"