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PBX Telephone System

Please write to with a Aastra Intelligate, Aastra Opencom, Asterisk, Avaia, Cisco, 3CX, etc, so that your peoplefone account/SIP line can be added to a "SIP TRUNK".

Should you want to add to your PBX several phone numbers and have 1 SIP line on "SIP Trunk", you can manage the display directly on your PBX and ask us to activate "CLIP OPEN". For the autorization, go to Display Phone Number.

Phone number display

You have following display options while making outgoing calls with peoplefone. This function can be activated for free directly on your peoplefone account.

  • No Display: Destinary sees "anonymous" or "blocked"
  • Your actual landline phone number: Please confirm directly on your peoplefone account
  • A new peoplefone No.: The number will be shown automatically as soon as you buy the number on your peoplefone account

If you have a PBX with "SIP TRUNK" and several phone numbers and you want to display a different number per user; you can directly program it on the PBX and we need to autorise "CLIP OPEN" on your peoplefone account. Please fill in therefore the confirmation (only in German or French available) and send it per scan or fax back to us.

Specific Parameters

Caller ID (Identification of the caller) peoplefone allows the two different formats for a phone number; with +41 and the regional prefix (without zero) or the normal phone number (without the country prefix). Example:+41445522000 or 0445522000.

At 3CX - Call forwarding - Display of phone number of the caller go to "Outbound Parameters" and add (second last row) under Remote Party ID - Calling Party: User Part - "OrignatorCallerID" Original Caller number will be sent

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