SRTP supported phones

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As of October 2018

Device Firmware Supports SRTP
Cisco SPA122 1.4.1_002 Yes
Mitel 6757i 3.3.1 4305 SP4 No
Mitel 6863i 4.0.0 1096 SP2 Yes
Mitel 6865i 4.0.0 1096 SP2 Yes
Mitel 6867i 4.0.0 1096 SP2 Yes
Mitel 6869i 4.0.0 1096 SP2 Yes
Panasonic KX-HDV230 02.200 No
Panasonic KX-HDV330 03.105 No
Panasonic KX-TGP600 01.098 Yes
Snom 300 Yes
Snom 320 Yes
Snom 370 Yes
Snom 710/D710 Yes
Snom 715/D715 Yes
Snom 720 Yes
Snom 760 Yes
Snom D315 Yes
Snom D345 Yes
Snom D375 Yes
Snom D712 Yes
Snom D725 Yes
Snom D745 Yes
Snom D765 Yes
Snom M700 0355 Yes
Yealink T42G Yes
Yealink T42S Yes
Yealink T46G Yes
Yealink T46S Yes
Yealink T48G Yes
Yealink T48S Yes
Yealink W52P H: B: Yes
Yealink W56P H: B: Yes
Yealink W60P H: B: Yes

In addition, the software Bria / X-Lite and Zoiper can also use SRTP.

In order to use SRTP, you must contact our customer service and apply for the switch to SRTP.